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Recently discussion with the party & the process is under process. ........
Recently discussion with the party. ........
Recently holding the meeting with the party & the project is under process. ........

Maurer Imobiliare is a New foreign based mega Real-estate project takeup in romania  o ........

Corporate Alliance


We are known in the global market as a provider of innovative financial instruments and customized solutions to our clients.

CORPORATE ALLIANCE has been headed by Ms. Tapasa Manjari Lenka.

In the last five years she has been actively involved in the field of Financial Services & Investment Advisory and has been a pioneer in raising funds of more than Rs. 1000 Crores. Most of the projects or the companies which have been funded belonged to Real estate, Infrastructure, Pharmaceutical & Equipment financing sector and various other sectors.

Her expertise lies in Project financing, Credit Management, Investment Banking and she has developed excellent relationships with Corporate, Resourceful NRI’s, High Net worth Individuals, Venture Capitalists, Bankers & Financial Institutions in India.

She has been instrumental in making corporate alliance a premier organization in raising funds for Corporate.

Today corporate alliance enjoys its country wide presence with a network all over India. We have developed excellent strategic partnerships and alliances with many apex Companies throughout India within a short span of time by virtue of having helped them finance their past and ongoing projects and vowing to help them in their future expansion needs as well.

We are provided our services to the various industries range from Real Estate, Infrastructure, Pharmaceutical, Hospitality, Power, Construction & Infrastructure Equipment funding, Textiles, Mining and Rental Securitization etc.

We are very happy to introduce ourselves as one of the Emerging Financial Advisory, Audit & Investment Banking Consultants in India today. Our biggest asset is our team of young professionals who have a wide experience in various industries and cumulatively they have more than two decades of experience in the field of project financing and financial services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform a one-stop Investment Banking solution provider for our clients with adherence to excellence & commitment.

This mix of people infuses the element of creativity, talent and professionalism thereby providing the best service and advice to the clients. The team lends itself into consulting of various assignments and adds value into the assignments through a talent pool of accountants, financial planners, tax advisors and financial market advisors.


Our Vision

Structuring and critical evaluation of the short, medium or long term financial requirements.

Preparation of financial plans as well as identification of size and type of the debt.

Facilitate corporate in arranging Working Capital limits and construction loans from commercial banks, private banks, foreign banks and financial institutions in the form of fund based units.

Arranging funds for corporate against their shares or property.

Rental securitization

Private & Mezzanine Equity Funding

We understand the need for financial capital and the time value for raising each fund. It evaluates the need for private equity partners and suggests the right fund and partner for business. In its services we provides placement of equity or quasi equity instruments with private equity funds, foreign institutional investors (FII) and Foreign Direct Investors (FDI).

In its services, we undertake:

Identification of the appropriate potential fund/investor by focusing on the business sector, stage of investment, size etc.

Preparation of business plans/information memorandum and circulating it to identified investors.

Co-ordination of meetings with client’s management team and the investor.

Negotiation of the term sheet.

Assist in business valuation, accounting and legal due diligence and other compliances.

Negotiation of all other documents necessary for completion of the transaction.


Debt Syndication

We provide a comprehensive service in the realm of debt syndication and examine all factors of industry, economy and business while arranging debt resource for clients.

Project Financing Services

Examine & Review the technical inputs, market analysis and marketing inputs of the products along with future growth and trends etc.

Prepare mathematical models and study the future viability of the projects under varying scenarios, including making detailed study of all the revenues, costs and possible means of financing the same etc.

A comparative study of technologies available along with their costs and efficacies.

Determining the appropriate size of the project, looking at the size of the market, availability of alternate finance, capacity, the current and future position of the industry etc.

Corporate Advisory Services

Identification of joint venture partners, strategic partners and/or technical/ financial collaborator and negotiating with them.

Assisting in Corporate valuations, credit rating of debt instruments, Fixed Deposits and other rate able instruments for long-term debt and short term papers.

Advising on methods to enhance the credit worthiness of such instruments by suitable structured obligations.

Arranging for External Commercial Borrowing (ECB).

Raising resources by mortgage of asset backed securities and advise on legal and financial issues connected with the same.

Advise on financial planning, capital and debt structuring and suggesting ways to reduce the overall financial cost to the benefit of the shareholders.

Restructuring services.

“Coming together is beginning
        Being together is Progress
                Working together is Success”
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