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Recently discussion with the party & the process is under process. ........
Recently discussion with the party. ........
Recently holding the meeting with the party & the project is under process. ........

Maurer Imobiliare is a New foreign based mega Real-estate project takeup in romania  o ........


Mrs. T.M LENKA,   Managing Director

Mrs. Tapasa Manjari lenka is the Director of M/S “NILAMANI INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT PVT. LTD. She completed her master’s degree in physics from RAIPUR UNIVERSITY. Thereafter she joined M/S.“NILACHAL POLYTECHNIQUE ENGINEERING COLLEGE” as a H.O.D. after that she diverted to entering this area. She believes that, success of a group depends on the extraordinary project & target to achieve the goals. Till date she has arranged to get for more achievement through strong efforts, dedication & hope. Her goals are to take the company to a highest level by quality management. Commitment in work, dedicatedly working, innovation making her an honest. She has been associated with various reputed projects in Kolkata. She is typically the project's point woman, managing resources and overseeing finances to ensure that the project progresses on time and on budget. She reviews regular progress reports and makes staffing, financial, or other adjustments to align the developing project with broader outcome goals. She Supervise and coordinate all the activities. She suggests new policies and modifications in order to reform the nature of work. She is responsible for keeping in touch with the clients who have assigned the project to her Group and make them aware of the status of the work finished in properly manner. She thinks that Good projects are made up of excellent planning, coordination, follow through and dedication. She always wants to do a good work for society.

Mr. Druba Charan Sahoo,   Legal Advisor

He is a company secretary .He is legal advisor of this group. He handles all of our legal operations like financial budgeting, planning, law & ethics, company formation, taxation. He is the strong man behind the corporate group. He ensures preparation and review of all legal documentation. He gives efficient tax planning, structuring and finalization of accounts

Mr. Sisir Acharya   Project co-ordinator

He is acting a lead role to motivate the team members for achieving the goal of the group. Under his guidance & good manners of leading power the team members feel comfortable. He Determine the values to be promoted throughout the company and also determine and review company goals. He should be able to solve problems for his team members. He is responsible for good team building, which is defined by success. His Leadership responsibilities give the employees a direction, accelerating the pace of work. Motivation, planning, guidance, evaluation and execution are all part of the responsibilities of this leadership position. He Maintain healthy group dynamics.

Mr. Yodhister Rit,   Vice President

He is a renowned businessman. He is also a strong leader & self-starter to promoter, developer. As vice president, he helps to formulate the group’s long-range plan, work out issues as they arise, and participate in executive board discussions and decision-making. He provides training and leadership support for the committee chair people. . He must organize, delegate responsibility, manage a budget & use time effectively for project success. He is very honest and efficient in his work also dedicated for this Group. Coordinates meetings with the committee, project manager and functional management to discuss project impediments, needed resources or issues/delays in completing the task .

Mr. SAIKAT BANERJEE   Regional Head

He has over 15 years of experience in the areas of Sales, Marketing & Business Development. He has experience in managing operations in large business area, formulating and implementing strategies, developing new markets for business excellence.
He has skills at maintaining business relations with the clients/corporate Organisations & providing them superior customer service to sustain business.
Managing overall business operations with key focus on topline/bottomline profitability & operational results for increased sales growth.


Mr. Sanjay Banarjee,   Corporate advisor

He heads the Construction, Planning & Management function at our group. He has performed several roles of this group. He provides critical data support to a technical team. His functions may include budget tracking and financial forecasting, project evaluation and monitoring, maintaining compliance with corporate and public regulations, and performing any data analysis relevant to project tasks. He also manages projects related to the fields of design, sales and services. He Encourage creativity, risk-taking, and constant improvement .

Mr. JITENDRA KUMAR SWAIN   Project Manager

After completion his study he wants to do something in real estate area. So he entered our group. His networking and motivating skills has helped the Nilamani Group to achieve organizational objectives and profitability goals. He is a Responsible person having leadership abilities to tackle multiple tasks. He participates in budget administration, providing analysis, keeping records, and forecasting financial performance. Each month he presents project status to the sponsor, steering committee. As a manager has to prepare bids and proposals for the prospective clients to expand business operations . He must keep preparing status reports and presenting them to the higher managing authorities for scrutinizing.

Mr. J.K Mahapatra   Regional head (Odisha)

He entered our group. Financial management, strategic planning, project finance, gathering experience in multiple domains helps him to reach M/S. “NILAMANI INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT PVT. LTD .” In a peak level point. He monitoring budget and risk management priorities to ensure that the project stays on track financially. He also provides the link between project managers and technical specialists.

Mr. Ram Chandra Jena   Assistant project co-coordinator

He reports to the project manager and serves as a department liaison to product developers and marketing executives. He doing project: scheduling meeting times and locations, taking meeting minutes, developing presentations, and arranging training for project staff.


He Provide guidance to the team based on management direction. He is the head of the Marketing Department. He Encourage the team members to help each other. He takes the initiative of bringing the team members closer and also sees the team’s performance on a regular basis. He Encourage everyone to participate in team discussions and express their opinions freely.


Mr. Ankush Kapoor  is a dedicated & energetic leader who is an icon on projection and has been a successfull motivator in Real Estate world. He believes that success comes only by smart working and believing in ourselves. He is a great personality and a genious innovator of projection planning. In Educational qualification, he has completed an MBA in Finance . Beyond his educational qualification, he has 5 years experience on Project Finance, Realty Management, Realty-Business Loans, etc.

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